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We are a small group of superheroes armed with future technology to create stunning creatives and 3D visualizations...
Our talent pool includes 3d animators, architects, interior designers, webmasters, creative director and an arsenal of high tech machines and softwares.

3D studio was established in 2003 by a set of creative people and has eversince expanded by including talents from different creative backgrounds. This mix helps us experiment with our work over an array of platforms and gives the edge over others.

Our studio has head quarters in Chennai, India. Its a part of Amar Group of Companies and our clientele range from different industries and different parts of the world.


Our approach to design is always unique. We make a lot of development sketches, renderings, conduct brainstorming over and over till we arrive at a verdict that satisfies all the client requirements.

Clients we have worked for include architects, property developers,product designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, startups, individuals, publishing house, advertising concerns,music studios and from many other backgrounds.

Our studio is born out of every team members passion for design so its always more fun when we work. Do have a look at our portfolio and lets do some work together soon.
services What We Do. By design, For Design, Of Design
"Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it is decoration." ~ Jeffrey Zeldman

About creativity, the possibilities of what can be done are infinite. Thats why We encourage candid discussions with our design jockeys to understand your needs and how you can leverage our expertise to achieve your design needs.

  • icon_01 3D VISUALIZATION

    3D modelling, rendering, walkthroughs, post production, compositing, animation, 3D visualization.


    Logo design, Print Design, Photo manipulation, creatives, corporate identities, illustrations and composite works.

  • icon_03 WEB DESIGN

    Static and dynamic website design, Web hosting, Scripting and Web application development.

  • icon_04 PHOTOGRAPHY

    Interior photography, Architectural photography, Product photography, Image editing and photo manipulation etc.


    We have commissioned artists to do conventional artworks as well as mixed media artworks.

showcase Check Out Our Portfolio.
"Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual."
~ Edward Tufte

Our portfolio is extensive so we decided to showcase just enough to win your curiosity. Do ask us to show you more of our designs. We'll be happy to share.

Retail shop interior.

3D / Visualization / Interior

Home Interior - Dining

3D / Visualization / Interior

Home Interior - Bedroom

3D / Visualization / Interior

Restaurant Interior Visualization

3D / Visualization / Interior

Architectural Visualization

3D / Visualization / Architecture

Conference Room Visualization

3D / Visualization / Interior

Bedroom Interior Visualization

3D / Visualization / Interior

Villa Architectural Visualization

3D / Visualization /Architecture

Kitchen - Interior Visualization

3D / Visualization / Interior

hall of fame Meet Our Awesome Team.
"We don't just love what we do, we are CRAZY about it."

Our team is one big happy family. We fight, we play, we work. We are best at what we do. Meet some of our lead design jockeys.


Loves travelling and creates new designs. He makes a lot of drawings and details & crunches technical stuffs to assists in developing spatial and visual concepts. Barun loves sketching, reading and blogging.


He takes up the responsibility of molding the 3d team by his massive talent and thereby giving a high quality visualization desired by clients. A master evangelist of new techniques in 3D that brings cutting edge to our designs.


The main source of creativity for the team. He plays with using softwares like ‘CORALDRAW’, ’PHOTOSHOP’, ’FLASH’, ’AFTER EFFECT ‘ and many more. He is the lead compositor and he always pops up as savior for the team.


Percy creates high quality models and specializes in texturing. His attention to details thins the line between virtual to reality. Loves working out and currently practising his boxing skills we hear.


Our lighting and visual expert. He sets the overall ambience of our designs turning moods just by working out the lighting. A point to be mentioned, Gokul loves adding elements of surprise in our designs. Gokul loves music and movies.


The real "artist" and "sculptor" among us working magic on canvas with anything from pencils, brushes and colours. His portfolio goes beyond conceptual illustrations, portraiture, craftworks and mixed media.

Web Designer

She create high quality static website and responsive web sites with innovative ideas dedicated completely to focus on showcasing your services to attract customers


Loves travelling and creates new designs. He makes a lot of drawings and details & crunches technical stuffs to assists in developing spatial and visual concepts.

R & D / CopyrightER

Loves travelling and creates new designs. He makes a lot of drawings and details & crunches technical stuffs to assists in developing spatial and visual concepts.

news Read Our Latest News. Stay Informed.
3D Studio website launch

Nov 08, 2012

We have waited long enough showcasing our portfolio through boring texts and dull websites. We decided to completely reskin our website with a bold and colourful feel that is as cheerful as us.

Making of A+D annual calendar

October 29, 2012

Every year we design the annual calendar for Amar Group's Architectural firm and this year we are doing it again...but different. Lets look at the making of...

read more
Sketches by DJ Sathish.

Mar 26, 2012

Sathish is an prodigy in conventional art and here we have posted a link to some of his work in progress and also completed works.

read more
We are now on Facebook.

Oct 25, 2012

Fan us on facebook to receive our latest designs and updates. See our work in progress, completed projects and cool things we learn and share and participate in discussions on our page.

Our FB Page
Our 3D models are for sale.

August 28, 2012

Did you know that we have entered the stock 3D fraternity with our first portfolio on www.3docean.com website. Get the best of our 3ds for the least of prices and we take commisioned 3D too.

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Follow us now on twitter.

Nov 1, 2012

Stay updated with every tweet from our team from cool links to new designs. Sometimes we love to share pics from behind the scenes too :) So lets meet over a tweet. Cheers !

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Chennai, INDIA
Portland, USA

Phone: +91 44 2620 0898
Mobile: +91 99 6272 8080

Global: +1 80 143 67827
E-mail: studio@amararchitecture.com
Website: www.amararchitecture.com